Choosing photobooth is almost as easy and at the same time, complicated as it is. There are hundreds of brands out there working on photobooth with different kind of machines and uniqueness in term of pricing and overall machine. There are photobooth brands that focuses on cost and there are photobooth brands that focuses on quality design and delivery. Going through the list here might assist you to better choose photobooth that suits your needs.

Before you start deciding whats the best photobooth for your event, we have divided into a few categories which impacting what brand will you choose.

  • Budget
  • Features
  • Extras (decoration, design etc)

Choose the brand that works within your budget

A little survey wouldn’t harm you in term of getting quotation. Well, most of the photobooth in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia specifically have the pricing made available publicly at their social media or website. The average photobooth would cost you around RM300-500 per hour*. Kindly note that almost all photobooth services operates at minimum 2 hours of service. Higher price range will offer you customized backdrop and even machine rebranding.

A little tips to get the photobooth at reasonable price:

  • Find the photobooth service provider that is located near you. This will saves a lot in term of transportation and accommodation cost.
  • Book the slot at promo price. Usually most of the photobooth operator doesnt accept last minute job due to preparations that they need to undergo beforehand. In the end, if you still want to proceed last minute, they might charge you higher for extra urgent things they need to reprioritise.
  • Plan the booth earlier. Extra time required if you didnt plan earlier will cost you more. ‘

Don’t forget the main thing: FEATURES

That’s what you’re sign up for right?

Understand that there are a few types of photobooth for your consideration:

Social kiosk photobooth

Photobooth that will only takes pictures or videos meant to be shared to your social media, email or SMS. This types of booth doesn’t require any printer and its setup is very minimal. It can be as simple as an ipad tablet but dont get me wrong, the quality developed by ipad pro is undoubtedly good too!

In term of softwares, most of the photobooths now provides multiple features such as photo filters, boomerang, GIFs, slowmotion, dubsmash, and karaoke. Kindly ask your photobooth service provider if they provide this too.

This type of booth is ideal for those who want their events be shared to social media as it is good for marketing.

Instant Print Photobooth

This type of photobooth is currently the most popular due to its capability of taking photo/video together with printing capabilities. The event attendees would be able to enjoy taking photos, share it on their social media and also receives hardcopy print instantly.

Few things you need to know on the printer:

  • Most of the photobooth now provides unlimited print features which means you can print photo as much as you can! Give a copy to your event attendees and another copy to your guestbook.
  • Unlimited print with slow printing capability couldn’t work as well. Ends up the attendees would just wasting most of their time queing to get the print. You need a fast printer. Most of the DNP and Mitsubishi printer can print in less than 10 seconds. You can just ask what printer are they using or how fast can you print 🙂
  • What type of paper printing are the photobooth operator is using? A good long lasting paper should be photo paper or dye-sublimation paper. Best quality paper will ensure the photo quality and color remain the same after long time. So it is utterly crucial to know the quality.


This is my favourite thing. More backdrop means more customisation you can do for your event! Have a look at their inventory on what they are providing. If it suits you, then its great!



The fun part is not just taking photos, but also playing around with the props. More props means more fun! but beware, as some of the props might not be appropriate to some event so please advise the photobooth operator if you have some thought so.

Extra verdict

While all of the above is generally an objective of a photobooth, the subjective part plays a significant role in choosing the photobooth service.

  • Check the design quality of the print. Most photobooth service provide have their own designer to accommodate your request, just like your wedding card. Important to know the capability of the designer whether it suits with your taste or otherwise, you will end up not satisfied with the design. Check for their facebook and website for past events portfolio whether you like it. Chances are the output will be at par of their portfolio or even better.
  • Backdrop customisation will further adds the value to your events. If you have extra budget, go for custom backdrop and I am pretty sure you will not regret it.

To summarize all, it is important to know what you are subscribed into. This will ensure best output for your events 🙂