Back in the first year that we established Theseplay, we brainstorm together  setting up a team (which has now upgraded to business) to create digital contents for fun. We gathered at mamak stall at Taman Maju, Seri Iskandar Perak to brainstorm on the detail ideas and it was just a casual discussion. That was the first starting point of the establishment of Theseplay. Initiated by a small group of students, and now still running with the same quorum, with the same interest.

It was all driven by passion, to start something new and fresh, and developing entrepreneurship

The first year was all stupid (spoiler alert) videos made just for fun. You can watch it here, here and here. We intentionally doesn’t want to embed it here. IYKWIM

Within a year of the establishment, we won a few contest both local and international.

Besides, we have achieved best achievement co-curriculum for 2 consecutive years!

The money that we won from the competition enabled us to set up a small business of doing corporate videos and also weddings.

Now, why are we saying this?

Simple, we started at a very low point entry of setting up a business with a minimal capital driven by creativity and passion. We believe that you can do it too. We want you to not be at par as us, but better. We understand the struggle every student undergo during their study time and we want to reinject more creativity juice during your study time.

Hence, we are offering a very special price for students everytime they inquire on our business. We are helping you the best we can 🙂

Drop us an email stating from which academic institution are you in to enables you for special discount!