The perks of having an industrial standard photo printer is not only that you can print high quality images at the fastest speed of less than 10 seconds, but you can also utilise it to print photos for different usage. Guest what? We are making that feature available to the public so you can have high quality photos printed that last long.

We helped Nisakay to print her 103 photos and turn it into series of photo prints collage. It turns out to be super cool! You can see the result in her blog here.

Okay sejujurnya, kualiti gambar seiring dengan harga yang ditetapkan. Dan gambar-gambar dicuci di atas photo paper yang kualiti dia not bad. Nisa faham photo paper ada banyak kualiti dan GSM nya. Macam di kedai gambar lain sikit, yang cuci online lain sikit. Tapi finishing gambar cantik, kemas dan jelas (bergantung juga kepada kualiti gambar yang anda hantar). Warna pun cantik. Jadi Nisa puas hati, alhamdulillah. Servis pun pantass ! Baguss. Tahu-tahu je dah sampai parcel di depan mata.


Okay I’m interested, How to proceed?

  1. Upload all your images to Google Drive / Dropbox and share the link to us
  2. We will quote you with the price. Average price will be RM1.00 for minimal 20 pcs order. If you place an order of more than 50pcs, we shall only charge you RM0.80/pcs. The more the cheaper
  3. Provide an address for delivery. Wait for it to be printed and delivered to your doorstep!.

Photo credit: Nisakay