Frequently Asked Questions

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What events are best for Theseplay Photobooth?
In most cases, Theseplay provides its service for any type of event regardless private, corporate and even weddings. Basically any event where people want to have a good and fun time together.

How much space does the booth take up?
We require the space of 3meter x 3meter. However, we have done events in smaller spaces, so if you have a concern about a particular space, let us know. It is preferable to operate in spaces with a 3meter’ height clearance to accommodate our studio lighting, but we can fit into a space as low as 2.5meter.

Do you provide backdrops?
Yes, we have a variety of backdrops. We can also create custom backdrops and help design sets.

How are the photos taken?
Our photobooth heroes will coordinate the whole photo session. Fret not, the rest of the procedure will be taken care by the machine itself. We have the set booth to be newbie friendly, and easy to use for everyone.

Can you do on-site printing?
We offer instant printing on all of our packages. Our standard print option is double 2×6 photo strips with 3 images and custom text or logo, reminiscent of traditional photobooths. Additionally we offer a variety of 4×6 and printing options.

Is there a limit to number of photos and prints?
There’s no limit to the number of sessions your guests can enjoy and we make sure that every guest gets a copy if they want!  Additionally, with all events, your guests will have access to an online gallery where they can download images and order prints. Client will also received 8GB USB pendrive with all the images taken during the event straight away after their event. We are that efficient.

How can guests view and share the photos?
Photos are placed in an online gallery on our facebook page ( for public viewing and ordering after the event.

What happens to the files?
We now offer complimentary high resolution downloads for all of our clients. Enjoy the watermark-free images for years to come, and make your own prints and albums.

Do you offer Social Media integration?
Yes! We’ve been on the cutting edge of technology since our launch, and continue to provide the newest features. Through our social media upgrade, guests can upload photos instantly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by email.

Can the photos be branded with my company logo or event details?
Yes, we design a custom overly with any custom text and graphics you prefer, such as, event information, sponsor logo, promotional branding elements, and more. Additionally, we can help you create a customized set, from the background to unique props, so your photo booth experience is unique each time.

Where does SnapFiesta provide service?
Theseplay is currently offering service in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Perak. We are available for travel, and can fly pretty much anywhere with our setup.

Do you work at outdoor events?
Absolutely, but please let us know ahead of time. However, there are often more logistics to arrange with an outdoor event, so be sure to contact us so we can make sure we can help work out the details of your event.

How long can Theseplay stay at our event?
In most cases, our packages begin with an operation time of 3 hours, and we can accommodate full-day and multi-day events depending on the availability of the machine.

Do you provide props?
We do offer props that generally customised to the event theme. However, if you need us to custom design the props, we sure do at an extra charge of RM150.

How long does it take to set up and break down?
It takes between 30-45 minutes to set up and about 30-45 minutes to break down.

We are a non-profit, can you work with our budget?
From the very start of Theseplay we’ve always supported our community charities and foundations. Depending on our availability, size of your event, we maybe able to offer special non-profit pricing, so please contact us for more info.

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